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AB Builtin - Guard
AB-CarboWax 20M
AB-PLOT Al2O3 ¡°S¡±
AB-PLOT Al2O3 ¡°M¡±
AB-PLOT MoleSieve
Undeactivated Tubing
Deactivated Tubing
Customized columns
AichromBond AQ
Aichrom Ion Exchange
Aichrom Chiral
Aichrom PAH
Aichrom Amino Acid
¡¡ Terms and Conditions
Please read the following terms and conditions before placing order. Contact us for any questions and clarification

Availability and Acceptance

All orders placed are subjected to final acceptance of Abel Industries (Canada) Ltd. Please contact Abel Industries (Canada) Ltd. for stock availability before placing order. Abel Industries (Canada) Ltd. will also advice any discontinued or back-order items at ordering. All orders are subjected to any credit approval.
The offers in the catalog do not constitute an engagement of the company to sell all the products. Abel Industries (Canada) Ltd. reserves the right not to honor your order for any business reason.



Prices are ex-work in US dollars. Applicable local, province and federal taxes, custom duty or other foreign taxes are extra and are fully paid by buyers. Shipping and handling fee will be added to a purchase order. The final purchase prices will be shown in an invoice.
Prices on web and catalog are for reference only. They are subject to change without notice. Please check with Abel Industries (Canada) Ltd. for current prices when placing a purchase order.



All written quotations made by Abel Industries Canada Ltd., are valid for 30 days, unless otherwise stated.
Volume discounts
Volume discounts are available for a single bulk purchase order or annually accumulated multiple purchase orders. OEM discounts are available on a contract basis. Volume order may be limited to certain products. Please contact us for more information.
Order cancellation or rescheduling
All orders entered with Abel Industries Canada Ltd. are binding and may incur a cancellation charge if cancelled. Requests for rescheduling delivery may be treated the same as an order cancellation, and in such event, cancellation charges may apply. Cancellation prior an order acknowledgement issued is at no charge.

Our standard shipping method is EMS, FedEx or UPS. Buyer is fully responsible for the shipping and handling fees, as well as all taxes, custom duty or other fees.
In case of shipment damaged, follow the instructions below:
For visually damaged packed shipment on arrival, please do not accept the shipment; ask the delivery person endorse the bill of lading with statement of damage extent.
For damaged unpacked shipment on receiving, save all packing materials including carton at receiving location, immediately request the carrier for arranging inspection.
Also immediately notice Abel Industries Canada Ltd. about the damaged shipment. We will make any sales adjustment or provide you return policy. You need to provide us the purchase order No, product number, and quantity damaged.
In case of returning damaged products to Abel Industries Canada Ltd. return the damaged products in a packing carton along with copies of the bill of lading with carrier¡¯s damage statement, inspection report, and RAN.


If you are not satisfied with Abel¡¯s product(s) within 30days from receiving, you may return your purchase in its original condition for a full refund or credit. If you placed an order in error, you must return the good at a new and unused condition, and you may be charged for a restocking fee. Abel will ship correct ones within 10 business days after we receive the returned items from you. You are solely responsible for any fee associated to the returning, such as shipping and handling fee and others.

All products returned to Abel Industries Canada Ltd. are subject to approval and will not be accepted without a Return Authorization Number (RAN). Your RAN should appear on the return packing slip. To get an RAN, please email to info@abel-industries.com or fax at 1-604-677-5866. Please provide information such as model or part number, customer purchase order number, product description, quantity, a short description of the problem. Please return products in its original package to the address shown above.
Replacement of returned product is subjected to be on credit-held. After the returned product is received, the credit is refunded in full. Replacement will be sent out in about four weeks.
Abel Industries Canada Ltd. reserves the right to change product specifications, quantities, designs or prices without prior notice and without liability for such changes.

All products from Abel Industries (Canada) Ltd. are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship on arrival on customer side. Abel Industries Canada Ltd. warrants performances of all its products for certain periods from 30days to one year, beginning on the shipment date, under normal working conditions on customer side. Abel Industries (Canada) Ltd. does not warrant any defect, failure or damage of its products caused by improper, careless or inadequate use. Please contact Abel Industries (Canada) Ltd. for specific warranty term before placing order. Column care, use and selection guilds from Abel Industries (Canada) Ltd., either orally or in written, does not substitute as a warranty term for columns.
The warranty terms are exclusive for purchased products only and no other warranty is expressed or implied. Abel Industries (Canada) Ltd. disclaims any implied warranty or fitness for any particular purpose. Under any circumstance, Abel Industries (Canada) Ltd. shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special incidental, consequential or compensatory damage, or any other legal claim in conjunction to using its products. The maximum liability shall not exceed the product value shown on the invoice price.

All products from Abel Industries (Canada) Ltd. should ONLY be used in laboratory applications. No other application is implied.